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Beer Yoga Flow @Oasis TX brewing Asutin

Grab your drink and Let’s FLOW! Including 1 draft beer (price for 10p)

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $200
  • Oasis Texas Brewing Company

Service Description

Haha Yoga Party is intended to create a fun and inviting space for people who might not normally be into yoga to have a drink and try a yoga pose. For consistent yoga practitioners, you might even find that you can deepen some of your poses once you let loose and relax your muscles with your favorite alcoholic beverage. If alcohol is not normally something you drink, feel free to choose something that makes you feel good and relaxed. Some great alternatives might be hot chocolate, ice cream, milk, cookies, or tea. Grab your drink and Let’s FLOW! 哈哈瑜伽派对旨在为通常可能不太练习瑜伽的人喝酒并尝试瑜伽姿势创造一个有趣并且诱人的空间。 对于一贯的瑜伽练习者,您甚至可能发现,一旦放松思想并放松自己的肌肉,更加不用在乎其他人的看法,便可以加深自己喜欢的红酒或者啤酒,从而加深一些姿势。 如果您通常不喝酒,请随意选择能让您感觉良好和放松的东西。 一些不错的选择可能是热巧克力,冰淇淋,牛奶,饼干或茶。 随意选择你的最爱,让我们一起享受瑜伽的乐趣吧!

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Oasis Texas Brewing Company, Comanche Trail, Austin, TX, USA


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