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Meet Yogis


在COVID-19中,我决定在Zoom上与亲朋好友重新建立联系。 每个人似乎都感到压力很大,所以我想,我们如何才能使这些会议变得有趣呢?


没有比通过充满爱与欢笑的瑜伽课更好的缓解压力的方法了。 不久,我的朋友和家人邀请越来越多的朋友到我的在线瑜伽工作室,砰!因此诞生了哈哈瑜伽社区。


欢迎来到我的瑜伽工作室。 让我们一起流动起来吧!


RYT 200 国际瑜伽认证老师

Jenny郑迪文是女演员,戏剧指导和国际瑜伽教练,居住在德州奥斯丁,家乡来自中国哈尔滨。 郑迪文(Jenny)的目标是帮助您提高自我表达,放松和娱乐,并养成终身健康和幸福的瑜伽习惯。


Sini Kim

Sini is an international yoga instructor, has been designated E-RYT® 500 and YACEP® (Continuing Education Provider) by Yoga Alliance.

Her teaching philosophy centers around making the student feel comfortable enough to tackle the more advanced techniques that Sini has spent many hours mastering. From a technical standpoint Sini strongest moves are soft intensive vinyasa which is vigorous yet calming. Having grown up in South Korea she maintains a great awareness of the cross-cultural appeal of yoga and the importance of approaching its practice with an open mind.  Sini has studied yoga in India and New York. Coming from a background of Ashtanga and Westernized yoga practice, she incorporates disciplines of Western and Eastern culture combined with their respective, philosophies together in a harmonic approach to well-being.

Sini employs energetic hands-on assist and the ancient Taoist art of Ki healing in her teaching. Her positive mind always delivers happiness energy to practitioners as well.


Harper is a Texan, born and raised! Currently living in the Austin area, Harper cares for her two dogs and countless plants. If Harper’s not doing yoga she’s probably working on art, playing outside with her dogs, working out, and having fun!

Harper’s Yoga instructor training began right after high school, but her love of yoga began much sooner than that! Harper received her 200 RYT certification focusing on Hatha yoga at Total Harmony Yoga in San Antonio.

Harper’s background in Hatha yoga helps her bring focus to breath work, as that is a more defining features of Hatha yoga.

After obtaining a degree in English Literature, Harper eagerly joined the Kung Fu Cowgirl staff to help spread all the fun and flexibility! Harper loves the variability and challenges of yoga, she is always down to try a new pose and fail at it over and over until she gets it right! Harper hopes to help others love yoga and practice yoga safely and fearlessly!

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